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Tournament Heraldry

Tournament Heraldry is the most visible form of field heraldry out there, and it provides the greatest public service as well. Letting the populace in attendance of the status of the tournament allows even casual bystanders to understand what is going on inside the tourney-field's perimiter.

Announcing the victor of the match, calling the fighters to the field and letting the 'on-deck' fighers know what's coming up are all important functions of a tournament herald.

Tournament Litany

To let the populace and the entrants know what is going on, there is a litany of the tournament that most heralds use. While it's use is not set in stone, having a standard way of announcing a tournament helps the listeners keep track of what's going on. Calling the Fighters to the Field

  • "Draw Nigh for the order of the list for the Nth round of the Utanwayard Champion's Tournament"
  • "Sir James, Lord Adam; Arm and take the field"
  • "Duke William, Count Edward; Make ready!"
  • "Baroness Mary, His Lordship Michael; Prepare!"
Announcing the round's combatants
  • "On this field of combat, Sir James faces Lord Adam"
  • Depending on the round of the tournament (or the whim of the crown/coronet presiding), the number or 'fullness' of salutes are then issued
  • "Please Salute the Crown of the Outlands"
  • "Please Salute the Coronet of Utanwayard"
  • "Please Salute the one who's favour you bear"
  • "Please Salute your Worthy Oponent"
Announcing the round's results
  • if best two-out-of-three "Victory in the first bout to Sir James"
  • if single-fight "Victory to Sir James"


Every tournament which needs Heralds, the Heralds will need Assistants. Whether it's to run cards to the List Minister, or to grab them a drink of water, Runners fufill these duties. And these duties are just as important to the tournament as the herald themselves. Normally, children are drafted to help as runners, but at times, heralds working the same tournament will watch out for each other and be the other's runner.

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