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Field Herald's Roster
Field Herald's Roster

This is an unofficial roster of field heralds in the Outlands, ordered by local group, then by SCA name. If you need a field herald, ask one of these folks. If you want to get ahold of them, ask about! This table is incomplete, and if you do not wish to be listed, please let Plover know. If you DO want to be listed, also please let Plover know

SCA Name
al-Barran (barony)
Ęthelwulf the GoliardBalthazar Tigerro
Bronwen BlackwellCristobal
Ewen McCailNatasha Mechislav
Caer Galen (barony)
Randal CarrickElspeth
Caerthe (barony)
Jorunn nic Lochlainn
Dragonsspine (barony)
Agustus of TyreHalla in heppna Knorsdottir
Fontaine dans Sable (barony)
Angus Reid MacFarlane 

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