Town Crying
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Town Crying

Town Criers are a very useful addidtion to any event with a large space, wether that be a camping event the scale of Grand Outlandish, or a feast the size of Hunters' Feast. If you need to get information to a large group of people that may or may not be spread out across a large area, Town Criers fill this need handily. While Town Crying is easier in an outdoor environment, it is possible to do well inside as well.

The basics to remember when it comes to Town Crying are simple:

  • You are the Voice of the Crown and/or Coronet when you wear the trumpets. Temper your language and demeanor to reflect this.
  • Be clear and concise; this way you won't have to repeat yourself, and people won't 'tune' you out.

Look to this space in the future for more information on town crying

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